Sunday, May 27, 2012

Turning two - going back to ONE

It's really hard to believe that in 2 weeks my little man will be two.  Where or where has time gone?  I was doing some planning for his 2nd birthday party last night and took some time to look through his 1st birthday pictures again and my heart just melts.  He has grown up so much in the last year - walking all over the place (more like running), saying LOTS more other than just "hi", riding around on his 4-wheeler, doing everything daddy does, mowing, eating like a big boy - my list could go on and on!

Here's to looking back at his 1st birthday and welcoming the 2nd!

Love you bubby!


I realized today that I have this deep void in my life - it's the fact that I haven't been able to do ANY blogging for months and I miss it!

With Pinterest being a daily addiction I thought I'd contribute to the addicting site and add a few things which need to be linked back to a site of sorts so...I am going to do some adding of pictures/events from the past that I didn't get to blog about!

Here we go!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kansas State Fair, Garages and Visitors!

This weekend was a busy weekend for us - it was the opening weekend of the Kansas State Fair, Justin's FAVORITE event of the year ! But now that Easton is here Justin has put aside his hatred for the fair traffic, fair people, the fear of seeing someone he might now and he sucked it up and we made the 35 mile trip to food haven. :) We started our fair day early and that was good since it was beautiful and breezy. Justin just knew it was going to rain on us but other than a few sprinkles we were in the clear. We walked through the livestock buildings, sure to visit the horses, chickens and cows (did you know there was an actual building you could watch animals give birth?? - I must be in the dark because this shocked me!). Easton walked his way through the petting zoo but really didn't seem to be too excited by the food hungry pigs, bulls and goats. However, he was in heaven when we made it to the chicken building. After seeing all the animals we wandered through all of the expo buildings ending up at the tractors and ATV area, quickly bypassing all the lawnmowers (see below). Easton loved being up on the Polaris that daddy said he just had to have (cough, cough) and he even knew how to drive and shift gears. He was quite a scene when we tried to pull him away though. As it got closer to lunch time we made our way to our favorite part of the fair - the FOOD! As we got in line to order, our little bubby crashed and missed the yumminess of fresh bbq, roasted corn and apple dumplings. After all that goodness we headed out - more like wobbled out but made a stop back at the horse barn to see Grandpa and Grandma Gilley. Home Sweet Home A new, well not so new love of Easton's these days is his love for the garage. He does not discriminate against garages. If your door is open he feels it's fair game. Garage items, beware - kid who loves anything mechanical on the loose. I find it funny that the other night I had to walk across the street because my son who is only 14 months, mind you turns and runs faster when I tell him to get back here. (Terrible twos must be a breeze or he's just preparing me for how bad it's going to be now...easing me into it) As I walk into Chris's garage I feel almost like an he could come out any moment and I should throw my sons arms up in the air, or as Easton would do, just run out faster. He is on the lookout for anybody's lawnmowers - that's what he's looking for. And he'll SCREAM when you take him off! Friends and Family! This week is going to be a busy week for us - we have two of our favorite visitors - Grandma Coleen and Shelley is coming all the way from Ohio. Our days will be filled with more fair fun (daddy gets a pass), Ken's, maybe and outing to Botanica and lots of relaxing! We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! <3 The Mills Family

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things - one post at a time!

It's been so long and I've missed my old blog friend so I made a commitment to myself to write one of these a week. It's amazing at how busy life gets with a little one around the house. I guess at 13 months he's not so much of a little guy though!

We've had such a busy summer that we can't believe that it's almost over. One thing that Easton has been doing lots of is SWIMMING! He LOVES the pool. He is a fish! The lucky kiddo got his mommy's tanning abilities and he looks like our California surfer kid. Here's a video of Easton and daddy at the pool.

Justin and I have been just as busy this summer - what's taking up all of our time besides our bubby??? WORK! Justin has been working A LOT but the great thing is we've been putting Skype to use and Easton gets to talk to daddy...well when he isn't throwing the phone down on the floor. And I've been working a lot as well.

Here's some fun shots of our summer:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrations and Crops

This past weekend was a fun weekend for all of us here at the Mills household: Mommy went to a 3 day crop fest (for those of you who don't use the term "cropping" on a regular basis it's a huge scrapbook event where you work on your scrapbook for all three days straight! Heaven for me!) in Park City, daddy went to the cabin with TJ and Derek and Easton spent the weekend with Grandma Coleen and Grandpa and Grandma Gilley. FUN HAD BY ALL!

Another milestone this week was that Easton turned 3 months yesterday. It's hard to believe 3 months have gone by. This month he's started to really become familiar with his surroundings, noticing people, the dogs, TV. He loves to watch CMT in the mornings and is just starting to get hooked on Baby Einstein. He's also be a well traveled kid - we made a trip to Iowa this month to visit all the grandparents. He was, of course, loved on by all of them! other fun stuff Easton's done this month - sticking his tongue out (he's infatuated with it), held his bottle by himself (only for a minute but hey it counts), scooting on both his tummy and his back - his legs are little machines and more smiling which will never get old!

Tomorrow we go get his professional 3 month pictures taken so look for those on Shutterfly. They are sure to be adorable because Serena is taking them AND because Easton's in them. :) Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keeping up with Easton

It's been a fun-filled last couple of weeks with little Easton, with the exception of his 2 month checkup doctor appointment last week. He's doing so many new, fun things. It's crazy how fast he is growing up!


One of Easton's favorite things that he has discovered is his tongue. He LOVES to stick his tongue out at you when you are talking to him. I told Justin he has a Gene Simmons look going on there.

He is all about cooing these days. Justin will sit there and give him a coo and he will talk back with the same sort of sound. It's hilarious! He is a talking fool!

You can really tell he is starting to discover his hands. If you couldn't tell by the fact that he as them in his mouth ALL the time, you can tell by his cross-eyed look when they are up by his face.


Easton had his 2 month checkup last week. The stats are in and he is 13 lbs 10 oz and was 24 1/4 inches long. He also was due for shots and I was not looking forward to that and I wasn't the one getting the dang shots! It was about as bad as I was expecting it to be. He whaled! The good thing was that we had a great nurse. She went really fast (he had to get pricked 3 times) and got it over with fast! He was pretty fussy the rest of the evening but slept through the night that night which was more than I expected. Other news...the Doctor was impressed with his motor skills. She said he is doing stuff that a 4 month old does - holding his head up, sitting up on his arms and rolling over (even if he hasn't done it since last time). :) Looks like we are off to a good start!


Easton got to see Uncle Zach this weekend. He was in Hutch playing ball so we made the trip to Fun Valley to watch him play. Easton loved seeing his uncle. He was even more happy to see that Zach was sporting his name on his backpack because he loves him THAT much. ;)

It's been a fun couple of months and we are only looking forward to what's to come. He sure keeps us on our toes and we are loving every minute of it!

Here are some random pictures from the last couple of weeks...enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby on Board

At the end of July Easton, my mom and I made a trip out to Cincinnati for my friend Shelley's wedding...and we flew! What an experience with a 6 week old. Let me tell you, I am SOOO glad I had my mom with me.

We booked our flights out of Kansas City which was the half way point for me and mom so Easton and I loaded up Thursday morning and made the 3 hour drive to KC stopping in Olathe to have lunch with Uncle Zach. Easton did so good, he didn't even cry once on the way there. This was looking very good!

When we got to the airport we parked in the economy parking knowing full and well that we'd be taking a shuttle to the airport...this is when the fun started. Now, most of you know my mom pretty well so you can just imagine all of the crap we had between the two of us...and a baby! I'm sure all of the people on the bus were telling the driver to just drive right past us because it was going to take us forever to load up! Thankfully they stopped. It was a chaotic mess but we got our 2 HUGE bags, diaper bag, 2 purses, 1 carry on and stroller/car seat (with baby) loaded up. As the doors of the bus kept hitting me every time they opened (because there was nowhere for me to go with the stroller) I thought what are we getting ourselves into.

The next big hurdle was security. WOWZA! I felt like I was in a race! They are pushing people through so it was no light feat trying to get a baby through security. We had to take Easton out of his car seat, break down the stroller which meant taking the car seat out, pull out our electronics, get all liquids out of the diaper bad and carry ons and get our shoes in the bin. I felt exhausted after we got through.

The moment of truth was approaching...they were boarding. How was Easton going to do on the plane??? We got to our seats and sat down (with our load of stuff - everything but the kitchen sink) and waited for take off. As they started down the runway I got more nervous but I just held the pacifier in his mouth and had a bottle ready to go. Here it was...takeoff...and Easton didn't make a peep! In fact he went the whole plane ride, there and back, without ever crying. I was so proud of him (and relieved). I KNOW the looks people were giving me walking on a plane with a 6 week old. :)


The wedding and all the events that surrounded Shelley's wedding were just absolutely beautiful and so much fun! We spent our time rushing to complete last minute projects, getting pampered, taking sunset cruises on the Cincinnati river and riding in limos...all in part because of the amazing wedding event on Saturday night. I've been to quite a few wedding's and I've never seen a more beautiful wedding that Shelley and Joel's. It was so great to see them get married - I can see that Shell is so happy with him. I mean, she did jump up and down when they pronounced them husband and wife. :)

Here are some more pics from the wedding weekend. Thanks to Shelley, Joel and Shelley's parents for such a fun-filled weekend!